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About Amphian Photography

Pieriod Photography is often about simplification. I start with every possibility and begin the process of elimination. By choosing the subject, the view, and the lighting, I narrow what I allow into the image. For me, composition is deciding how much can be removed from an image while still capturing the essence of the subject.

Stone Wave I am drawn to macro photography for its ability to get very close - to notice the details that a less intimate perspective overlooks. Most of my work is uncropped from the 3:4 aspect ratio in which is it created, and many of my images are shot vertically. This size and orientation gives the sense of a window view looking into a subject.

My choice of subject material has been a mix of conventionally beautiful items, such as flowers and natural landscapes, and items normally not considered beautiful, such as shadows and rust. Many of my images are "found" rather than planned, and the shapes and tones of objects usually not considered photogenic strike my eye in the same way as more common subjects. My work tends to be graphic and abstract, and it often features an element of ambiguity, uncertainty, or duality.

One of the great misconceptions in photography is the idea that one has to spend much and travel far to find a worthy subject. Images of beauty and interest can be found around us simply by looking at everyday things with a willingness to see.