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Red Dress One of the ways to exhibit photos is to display them in a book for easy viewing. Using digital images allows for an nicer book than the traditional photo album with photos stuck to the pages. While there are a number of places that will print a small run of a book, the less expensive alternative is to print out the images and hand bind a book.

Book forms run from the very simple to highly complex works of art. The choice of form depends on the size of photos, number of pages, amount of work to which the author is inclined and the desired result. Here are a few book forms suitable for displaying digitial photographs:

Book Form Page Design Book Assembly Paper Sides Photo Sizes Page Count Page Multiples
Binder Easy Easy Single or Double Large Few or Many 1 or 2
Concertina Average Easy Single or Double Small Few 1 or 2
Pamphlet Average Easy Double Small Few 4
Stab Bound Easy Average Single or Double Large Few or Many 1 or 2
Codex Challenging Challenging Double Small Many 4